Trino / Presto

Setup Trino / Presto Integration To Mitzu


To set up a connection with Trino / Presto, you need the following:

  • Your Trino / Presto host name

  • A user having read-only access to your data catalog

  • (Optional) Whitelisting Mitzu's IP address on your firewall

Configuring a Trino / Presto connection

If your Trino cluster is hosted by then follow the instructions here else follow the

  1. (Optional) Make sure the network traffic from the Mitzu service (IP: is whitelisted in your firewall config and Mitzu can access to your Trino / Presto cluster.

  2. Create a principal in your Trino / Presto's authentication provider (eg. LDAP, Kerberos, etc...)

  3. Add the following rule to your System Access Control file to grant read-only access to certain catalogs

  "catalogs": [
       "user": "<user name>",
       "catalog": "<data catalog>",
       "allow": "read-only"

Here the <user name> is the newly created user's name which will be used in Mitzu. The <data catalog> is the name of the catalog you would like to share with Mitzu. You can share multiple catalogs by listing them all, delimited by a | character (eg. (catalog_1|catalog_2|catalog_)

Add the connection information to Mitzu at the 3rd step in the new Workspace creation or in the Manage workspace / Connection tab.

Here set a proper hostname, catalog, username and password. If you are using Starburst then you may specify your user's role as an optional Query Params like role=accountadmin

Add tables from Trino / Presto. Follow here.

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