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Learn how to edit dashboards

The Edit Dashboard page allows you to group saved insights into a single view. This page offers a great option to organize your insights into groups.

Use Cases

Here are couple of example use-cases why would you want to group your insights.

  • Insights grouping based on a business problem. Examples: Product activation dashboard, User retention dashboard, etc.

  • Insights grouping based on function. Examples: Engineering dashboard, Sales dashboard, etc.

All Features

Renaming the dashboard

You can rename your dashboard on the top left side of the page.

Changes to the dashboard's name are automatically saved. The maximum length of the dashboards name is 40 characters.

Adding a saved insight

There are multiple ways to add insights to a dashboard:

  • From the Explore page while saving an insight.

  • With the Add Insight Button from Edit Dashboards page.

    Here, you search for your saved metrics with the savebar.

Refreshing the dashboard

Refreshing the entire dashboard is done with the Refresh button. This will trigger a parallel refresh of all saved insight under the dashboard. The refresh will parallel execute up to 5 SQL queries in your data warehouse. The refresh can be canceled at any given moment.

Managing the layout

You can move the insights inside a dashboard by first hovering over the "grab area" on top of the charts.

At this moment, you can grab the chart and move it around. This will reorder other charts on the dashboard as well.

Resizing the dashboard is easy as well. Click the side menu on the top right part of the chart. Click toggle size. This will make the chart either full-width or default width. Full width charts will have default width on mobile platforms.

Dashboard time filter

The insights shown in the dashboard have their default time window set as they were saved. At the moment Mitzu offers on override option for this. You can choose a different time horizon for all the insights in the dashboard. This is done by picking one of the options from the top time window chooser.

You need to click the Refresh button in order to update the charts.

Removing Charts

You can also find the Remove button in the same menu where the Toggle Size button is found (top right part of the charts). This will remove the saved insight from the dashboard. It won't delete the saved insight itself.

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