Google SSO


  • Google Cloud access

  • SSO enabled in Mitzu


  1. Login to Mitzu and navigate to the 'Manage organisation' page. Once SSO is enabled the details of the integration can be configured:

  2. Open the Google Cloud Console and create a new OAuth 2.0 Client ID (on the APIs & Services -> Credentials page), with the following settings:

    • Application type: Web application

    • Authorized redirect URIs: copy the entire value of the Redirect URL input from the Mitzu SSO settings

  3. Configure the client settings on the Mitzu SSO page

    • Client ID, Client Secret values can be found on the app client settings page

    • Project ID can be found on the Cloud Overview -> Dashboard page in the project info box

  4. Click save

  5. In a different browser (or in an incognito window) verify the login flow. If it is not working as expected then please supervise your settings or contact Mitzu Support.

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