Event Catalog

Event catalog helps you to track and to document the events stored in your data warehouse.

The events are added and removed right after you add or remove an event table. The stored events in the catalog cannot be created or removed manually.

Use cases

Maintaining the display name and the description fields of the event catalog records can help you to

  • map the technical abbreviations and raw event names to human readable labels

  • explain the circumstances of an event with a description

All features

Listing events in the catalog

The Events tab on the catalog page will list the stored events in the catalog of the selected workspace.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Event source: it is the source of that event in "." format. When it is a single event table and the event name is not configured then the table name is used as an event name.

  • Display name: the event will be referenced with this value on the explore page, charts, tooltips, etc...

  • Description: this value will be shown as a description on the explore page

  • Last discovered: the elapsed time since the event was last time found while checking the event data table for new events

  • Manage properties: links to the Event property catalog with a predefined filter for this event

You can filter the table by using the 'Select an event' dropdown or using the free text search input filter. The list of the event catalog table will be updated while you are typing.

To clear all filters click on the 'Reset filters' link.

Some workspace may have a lot of events. Use the pagination to browser all of your events.

Updating display name, description

To change either the display name or the description of an event catalog record just click into the input field and enter the desired value. The changes will be saved right after you stopped typing. Errors will be shown on the top of the page.

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