User Tables

Add and manage user profile tables in Mitzu

User profiles are a common concept in product analytics. By user profiles, we often mean a set of properties that the users of a product may have. Examples of user properties:

  • Country of origin

  • Email addresses

  • Primary email address

  • Phone number

  • Is paying

  • First event time

  • Last event time

  • Sign up time

  • etc.

These properties in a data warehouse are often stored in a table, where each row holds information about a single user. This table is joined to the event tables during analysis for further filtering and segmentation.

Mitzu supports joining one or more user profile tables to event tables.

Setting up the user profile tables

  • First, add the table under the User tables tab on the ⚙️Workspace settings page.

  • Then, you need to choose the User ID column from the table. The user IDs in the selected column must be joinable to the events listed in the Event tables tab. Otherwise, the SQL queries generated by Mitzu won't yield good results.

  • Once this is done, click Save & update catalog. This will update your user properties catalog with the newest user properties.

Removing user profile tables

If you decide to remove any user profile table, just select it with the checkbox in the table and click Remove tables. This will remove the table from the list of tables and the user property catalog.

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